Dracula Costume Inspirations for your Halloween Party
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15 Sep Dracula Costume Inspirations for your Halloween Party

vampireDracula is indeed an icon when it comes to horror stories most especially during Halloween. The blood-drinking monster has been a favorite among kids and adults as well when it comes to costumes for Halloween parties and trick-or-treats. There is practically no reason to panic even if you are having a hard time looking for a Halloween outfit. Arriving in a Count or Countess Dracula costume in a fright night party is definitely a classic and will never be out of place.

Whether you are arriving as a couple or going solo, you can definitely never go wrong with vampire-inspired costume. Fancy dresses and accessories, however, can be boring at times and can be redundant as well.  Surprisingly, you will be amazed with the variations of the vampire outfits through the years. Here are some ideas you can try for your next Halloween party.

The Classic Dracula

The classic Dracula costume is one of the easiest to acquire costume for Halloween. You can rent one in a costume store or buy one online. What makes this costume classic is the iconic black cape and the medieval look Count Dracula has during the dark ages. For budget-conscious party goers, you can practically throw in a costume with a mix of your old slacks, your pointy school shoes, some old white shirt stained with blood, fake fangs, and a black cape.

Underworld Vampires knights-sword

Who doesn’t want to be one of the cool vampires featured in the Underworld movie series? Every girl would definitely love to show off their slim physique in a body-hugging corset and tight leather jeans with guns, knives, and other wolf-fighting paraphernalia ala Celine, the lead actor in the movie. This offers a modern and tougher appeal to the medieval old vampires that we fear of. You can pull off this look with your old skinny leather jeans, a sleek leather jacket, and fake ammunition around your belt or over your shoulders. A few shiny swords and bolos would also look great for this attire.

Twilight-Inspired Vampires

Although some may have a hard time admitting it, we all fancied to become one of the flawless and sparking siblings of the Cullen family in the blockbuster book-turned movie ‘Twilight’. Those vampires that glisten when hit by the sunlight and look as gorgeous as runway models. With your usual day clothes on, you can pull off the look by applying twice or thrice the powder that you used to apply to make your skin look paler than usual. Apply mousse or gel onto your hair to make it look extra shiny and then wear gold contact to complete the look. Your non-Halloween interested friend can be Bella and act as human as she wants to be during the Halloween party.

Become the vampire that you always dream to become, even just for a day or a few hours by trying out the Count Dracula-inspired looks mentioned above. If all else fails and you still badly need to attend a Halloween dress-up party, fake fangs and a vampire attitude will definitely do.

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