Growing Trends in Halloween Decorations
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25 Sep Halloween Decorating Tips: Growing Trends in Halloween Decorations

halloween-skeletonsHalloween may seem to be grotesque and a little bit quirky but it is still one of the most anticipated holidays that the young and the adult look forward to every November. All though most of the time, home decors would lean on the usual ghosts, ghouls, vampires and zombies, glamorous Halloween costumes and decor are starting to become a favorite.

Here are some ideas you can consider to pull-off a sophisticated costume and Halloween decorating theme for this Halloween 2016.

Have an inventory of your existing décor

Before planning or buying anything, take into account the Halloween props and costumes that you already have. Some decors are regulars and staples that can be used every year regardless of your current theme. However, you should check which of your existing décor would be suitable for your rather sophisticated Halloween event to be able to decide on which color theme and decoration theme to go. You can have a festive and a grander Halloween party without having to splurge too much by making use of the items and costumes that you already have.

Stick with the classics

Black and white are considered as classic and sophisticated colors that can also be associated with Halloween. Although we are used to with orange when it comes to Halloween, sticking with basic colors and neutrals would make the occasion classy. You can also get a lot of Halloween decorations in white and black so preparing the venue would not be difficult at all. A for the costumes, black and white gowns or a combination of both shouts nothing less than sophistication.

halloween-centepieceHave statement and bold pieces for your decorations

Halloween is also the perfect time to use accents and bold decorations that you wouldn’t normally use. Since Halloween is considered as a much anticipated holiday, having oversized and weird pieces pulled together would be really nice. You can have silver skulls as table centerpieces, decorative lantern balls in black and white to match your classic theme and black candles. You can even hang a giant devil head that have eyes that lights up on your front door for that initial fright shocker for your guests.

Have focal points in different areas of your home halloween-bats

You can have a really spooky mirror on your living area as the main attraction and focal point for your Halloween décor. Your front door can have a tall ghoul or a long-haired reaper hovering nearby as your main attraction. Diverting the attention to one stunning piece of décor helps you save space since you will not be cluttering your moving space with too many decorations.

You can also consider painted pumpkins as an accessory for your decorations. Putting glitters on them is also a nice idea. Your sophisticated party does not necessarily have to be expensive. You just have to be creative and fun when thinking about costumes and decorations for your Halloween party.

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