Halloween Party Do's & Don'ts
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13 Oct Hosting a Halloween Party: The Do’s and Don’ts

Being a professional event or party planner is not a requirement to be able to pull off the best and most fun Halloween party or any kind of event. Everyone can have a good time during the holiday season, especially Halloween, with smart, simple, and carefully planned ideas that will lead into one of the best parties ever.

halloween-zombie-headAs the temperature starts to drop, we can’t help but look for Christmas and other holidays like Halloween. Although Halloween is really not an official red day celebration, it is one of the most exciting and fun celebrations both the young and adult look forward to. Thus, hosting a party or two for the event is an excuse to scare kids and adults we could not resist doing every year.

Here are some party planning and hosting tips you can follow to have a blast on your Halloween celebration.

Be specific on your guest list and invitation

Let your guest know not only the specifics on where and when the party is but also about what to prepare and wear for the party. It’s a Halloween party and you may have a preference when it comes to the theme of the horror celebration. Let them know if the Halloween decorations and games are child-friendly for them to be able to include their little tots for the party. Reminding parents to bring extra clothes for the kids in case things gets gory and nasty during the games can also be included in your invitations.halloween-costume

Create a diverse set of menu

Halloween can sometimes encourage our creativity to go beyond what’s expected even with the food we serve during our Halloween parties. You can have chocolate eyeballs and pumpkin cookies for kids. Adult parties, on the other hand, can have nastier menu ideas to include. But be sure to have regular looking food available so that no one would go hungry while enjoying the party.

Get the best schedule for everyone

halloween-plateSince most of your guests would be relatives and close friends, being considerate with their schedule should be a must. Do not set the party too early if you have guests that are travelling from a far location. Early celebrations, say a week or two before the actual holiday, is also a good idea in case your guests will have their own events and celebrations to attend to on Halloween. It would also be best to conclude you party early especially when hosted during Halloween eve to give the kids the chance to hop in to their Halloween costumes and prepare for trick or treat.

Start planning earlyhalloween-asylum-decor

Nothing beats early planning when hosting for a Holiday event. Your guests get the chance to clear their schedule and inform you whether they could be attending the event or not. You also get the chance to get the best decorations and the best deals when it comes to venues and entertainment.

Being considerate with what your guests may need before, during and after that party is a must to provide the best experience to the people you enjoy spending time with.

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