Creepy and Shocking Easter Horror Stories
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easter horror

25 Mar Creepy and Shocking Easter Horror Stories

creepy bunny

Easter Holiday is just a few weeks away. However, before Easter was celebrated the way it is celebrated today, it was a Pagan ritual combined with Christianity. It was not always giant rabbits and coloured eggs. Easter is also a mixture of ghost, angels, and a whole lot more – far from the Easter Holiday that we celebrate at present day.

Easter is indeed a truly Christian holiday. It is the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, but has Pagan roots as well. The name was derived from the world Eostre, A Teutonic goddess of spring and fertility. In history, people would honour her during the period of the Eostur-month which was celebrated during the month of April. Yet, being a Christian holiday and a Pagan ritual at the same time, the inclusion of rabbits in the Easter Holiday Celebration is another thing that makes this holiday a little bit harder to explain and elaborate.

The inclusion of rabbits in the celebration of the holiday is believed to be proficient because this animal usually breeds during springtime, just in time for Easter.

However, although regarded as cute and cuddly, the Easter Bunny has a sinister horror attach to it. There was once a man who wore a bunny costume who kills people and kidnaps children. This man, back in 1948, was usually seen wandering around the neighbourhood wearing a bunny costume in Fairfax County, Virginia. Most of the time, he would watch the children play. When asked who he was, he would always say that he is the Easter Bunny. He would wait until the children finished playing and would find out where they live.

At night, he would break into their houses and hack up their parents with the aid of a big axe. He takes the children and then disappears at night. After some time, all the kids in the neighbourhood had disappeared and the police managed to link the murders and the kidnapping to the strange man who was posing as the Easter Bunny. However, nobody knew who he was and where he lived.

Luckily, the Easter Bunny, after several escapes, was seen by the police while he was walking towards a house with his big axe. Police asked him to put down his weapon but instead charged at them. They were forced to shoot the Easter Bunny, who later died. Peeling off the mask did no help since they were unable to identify who the man was. Unfortunately, with the Easter Bunny dead, they were left clueless about where the kidnapped children are and what happened to them. Easter celebration was forbidden by the mayor during that time and outlawed the sale of Easter eggs. Over the years, the Easter Bunny murders became an urban legend.


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