You say, "Halloween!" We say, "Hallowaiian!"
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13 Aug You say, “Halloween!” We say, “Hallowaiian!”

7263a9a8e94a252327793867e29bc06b--halloween-skeletons-haunted-halloweenEveryone loves a colourful party. A Halloween party does not have to be all black, dark, and gloom. There are plenty of ways to make your Halloween scary fun while keeping it bright and colourful with a Hawaiian theme. This is the perfect party theme mix if you plan to hold your party earlier in the evening.

Scary Hawaiian warrior

Make warrior costumes even scarier by daubing them with gore. Apply bright red paint on the tips of the costume spears. Make scary warrior masks by painting them terrifying dragons and lizards.

Fake tattoos on the fearsome warriors can be drawn on using washable paint. You can also opt for pre-made tattoos which are easily removable.

Giant piñatas

How about piñatas that can swallow people alive and also give treats? Make these giant piñatas using big cardboard boxes. If you can’t find big enough boxes, stitch several small boxes together. The height of the piñata should be enough to cover the wearer up to the knees. Paint a monstrous wild face on one side of the box and other scary creatures on the sides. The monster men can go around sumo wrestling, giving treats and aloha-ing.

The melon pig

Let the warriors have their spear-throwing contest with target practice on a pig. Not a real one but one made from a melon. Use a carving knife to make the pig’s eyes. Add the pig’sGreatAunt_Watermelon_Pig_Thumb ears with two melon triangles from another melon, and stick on a snout painted bright red. Have your warriors try to hit the pig’s snout from 15 yards.

Scared/zombie tourists

This is the tourist who has just been terrified by a nerve-racking experience. Dress the guests in aloha shirts splashed with red paint. Better yet, have tourist zombies; those who were on holiday when the Walking Dead came along.


The Hawaii shaman casting evil spells will be a perfect replacement for the usual Hogwarts wizard. Make him scary with paints on the face and a few sharp teeth painted black. He can wear a necklace of fresh ears. Make full body tattoos using temporary tattoos. Cover the wild shaman’s face with a half face mask of evil. He will carry a human skull for his drinks.

Make an evil shaman’s den using coconuts shaven and painted to look like the heads of his unfortunate victims. Oil lamps hanging amid banana stalks and bedaubed strings will complete the dark evil atmosphere of the shaman’s den.

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