Spook the Wits out of Your Halloween Party Guests - Halloween & Friday 13th
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09 Jul Spook the Wits out of Your Halloween Party Guests

flight of bats ceiling decorationHalloween is probably one of the most anticipated holidays each year. Everyone gets on the vibe, and people’s spending powers go into overdrive whenever that time of the year comes. Given that knowledge, lovers of horror flicks and the macabre could make the most out of it by planning a spooky party beyond compare. You can plan the scariest party using ghoulish Halloween party props and supplies, plus your very active imagination.

Turn Your House into a Haunted House


dropping black spider with spooky sound effectsNowadays, it’s easy to turn your cheerful home into the scariest haunted house with the right Halloween party supplies and props. What’s more, you don’t need to look far for such supplies, since you can purchase everything online. You can even make your own props out of everyday sundries lying around the house. You need many props if you plan to have a haunted open house. Creative and novel props ensure your unassuming visitors huddle in tight groups through the rooms. It’s all about the element of surprise.

For instance, you can hang dangling bats to make your guests dodge their heads upon entering your house. You can also drape a canopy of bats using the flight of bats ceiling decoration from Party Supplies Online. Finally, you can spook unsuspecting visitors with a dropping black spider with spooky sound effects.

animated Hazel rocking the baby with soundHaunted House Tour at its Finest

Offer your guests a “walkthrough” of your haunted house. Of course, you have to set your walk-ins up with proper atmosphere first. You have to convert your cozy abode into a house of unspeakable horrors. Since your façade sets the stage for what lies within, your front yard should have a creepy ambiance at the outset. Place an animated Hazel rocking the baby with sound out front to welcome guests.

Fence off your property from outsiders with the iconic yellow tape that says, “Police line. Do not cross”. Overturn shallow patches of dirt on your front yard. Cover your façade with a large gray sheet, painted with splotches of green to simulate moss. Cast an eerie glow on your yard halloween 'beware' light up stake/lawn signwith tinted spotlight. Place a Halloween “beware” light up stake/lawn sign alongside it for added oomph.

Go All out with Your Spookfest

You don’t have to follow a specific theme to pull off a proper haunted house. Just keep in mind that most people are usually superstitious during the Halloween season and that you just want to have a blast by scaring your visitors out of their wits. Those should be enough. Browse through some online party supplies stores so you’ll get a good idea of the assortment you’ll need. Every room in the house should have something in store for your guests. Make sure the whole house is dark enough to maintain the suspense.

halloween light up lace mesh mantle scarfYou can set up a dummy replica of your family on the living room couch, watching an ironically harmless cartoon clip or sixties sitcom on the TV. If you have a fireplace, drape a Halloween light up lace mesh mantle scarf. Adopt an “Exorcist” or “Rosemary’s Baby” theme for your bedrooms. Cover the walls in white sheets and conceal fans on corners to simulate the presence of a poltergeist. Turn your toilet seat into an electric chair and prop a mangled dummy on it. Set up the dining room with morbid delights – a fake head on a platter, Halloween tombstones – table top, and a monster sitting at the head of the dinner table.

You can play off on these ideas to recreate a haunted house you can call your own. You should heavily invest in the ambiance to pull it off, though. You’ll need a fogger/smoke machine, strobe lights, glow-in-the-dark paint, and plenty of fake cobwebs, limbs, gore, and blood (or fake blood tubes). Go all out and spook the wits out of your Halloween party guests by decking the halls with décor so gory.

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