How to Create a “Spooktacular” Yard - Halloween & Friday 13th
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17 Jul How to Create a “Spooktacular” Yard

Halloween tombstone – Gothic skullOne of the most anticipated holidays all over the world is Halloween. In some places, people refer to it as Mischief Night or Danger Night. Just as in most countries that celebrate it, this is the night when kids can create mischief either through tricks or by getting tricks. Some Australians aren’t big on Halloween and mostly celebrate it through school dances and such. Nevertheless, Halloween decorations in Australia can rival the Americans’ lavish preparations.

Of course, Halloween celebrations for this year are still a long ways off. That doesn’t mean, though, that you don’t need to look for inspiration for your decorations as early as now. When thinking of decorations for Halloween, it would be a good idea to consider setting up most of bag of skeleton bones lifesize with light up talking skullthe props in your yard. Given that it’s the first area in your house that people see, it’s only logical to want to spruce it up for Halloween. Now, how do you start the project?

You can start with the lights, since lighting is one of the most essential parts of a decoration. Keeping in mind that Halloween decorations in Australia and everywhere else in the world are supposed to be spooky and ghost-related, you need to keep the lighting as low as possible. To achieve that perfectly scary look, buy LED lights in blue, black, or red. String the lights together and hang these around your yard or wrap them around trees. Because the LED lights aren’t too bright, you’ll able to create a spooky ambience in your yard. Otherwise, you can line up bag of skeleton bones lifesize with light up talking skull, and you’ll be sure to spook the wits Halloween jumbo sized light up pumpkin Jack O’ Lanternout of passersby and your guests without much effort.

Next stop are the pumpkins or Jack-O’-Lanterns. Try to arrange different-sized carved pumpkins in your yard and place lighted candles inside these to make these seem as if they’re glowing. Jack-O’-Lanterns are one of the most famous Halloween decorations, so you need to incorporate these in your theme effectively. If you have a porch, line up a few of these and place smaller ones along your pathway to illuminate it. If dealing with candles seem a bit tedious, you can use several pieces of Halloween jumbo sized light up pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern instead.

witch on a stakeYou can go the extra mile by placing headstones made of stiff mount boards and gray paint at irregular intervals in your yard. Better yet, use a Halloween tombstone – Gothic skull, witch legs purple & black lawn decoration, and ground breaker skeleton light up 3 piece to create more impact with your decorations.

To add an element of fun, hang a giant fluffy spider on tattered web on the headstone and throw in a couple of Halloween masks, chopped heads, ripped fingers in selected areas on your yard. You could even place a witch on a stake or a gruesome greeter with sabre as the magnum opus of your Halloween decorations.

All it takes is a little yet crazy imagination to create the spookiest yard in your neighborhood.

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