Easy Ways to Create Your Own Halloween Attraction at Home
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22 Sep Easy Ways to Create Your Own Halloween Attraction at Home

halloween3Halloween is just a few weeks away and most of us are excited in putting up Halloween decorations on our homes by now. Some kids and adults as well are also busy looking for the perfect costume for this year’s Halloween party.

But first and foremost, putting up decorations for Halloween in our homes, specially our lawn is a must. Our front lawn is actually the place where we create masterpieces for Halloween to impress not only our neighbors but also the kids that will knock on our front door for trick or treat come Halloween night. There are a lot of interesting ideas you can pull off for Halloween. Here is a compilation of the best yet easy to do Halloween attractions you can re-create for Halloween on your front lawns at home.halloween1

A Halloween Maze

This may seem a little too time consuming to do for most, but with these tips, you can add more fun and thrills to your Halloween day. One does not necessarily have to plow your lawn to create a field of corn to do so. You can create a Halloween maze out of very simple materials like cardboard boxes or old wooden palette. It is not about what your maze is made of but about how scary you can creatively do it.

Try not to get to complicated with your maze and provide ample lighting so that the kids in the neighborhood would not go missing or end up getting lost especially during night time. Provide some scary decorations like cutout body parts along the way to add creepiness to the look of the area.

A Haunted Mansion

halloween4You can easily convert your home into a make-believe haunted house by transforming it into one. Just pay attention in making your porch look like the entrance of a haunted mansion. Transform your living room into a small haunted mansion trail by putting up curtains or boxes where kids have to go pass through before reaching their treat for Halloween.
Have scary music playing while you grab the kids by the foot or shoulders one by one to surprise and fright them as they walk along the pathway that you created. You can wear
skeleton hands to add more fright while doing this task


A Haunted Cemetery

This one is very easy to do. You simply have to put up gravestones and tombstones on your front lawn to create the look. To make it even more exciting, you can have skeletons lying around the ground and skeletons half buried near their tombstones. Place battery lighted candles inside mason jars so that the area would even look more eerie at night. Wear matching outfits like skeletons or Jack the Ripper for your Halloween costumehalloween2

Pumpkin Cemetery

Younger kids would love the look of your haunted cemeteries if you would place
pumpkins instead of skeletons or zombies. Light them up by placing battery operated candles inside for that haunting glow kids and adults would definitely adore during Halloween night.

Halloween is the time of the year where you can scare kids and adults alike minus the guilt. Make the most out of this opportunity by putting your creativity all out for that unforgettable Halloween night right at your doorsteps.

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