Halloween Celebrations: Bringing Halloween in the Office
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20 Oct Halloween Celebrations: Bringing Halloween in the Office

Celebrating traditions, especially in companies, is very important to bring workers and the management closer. Halloween can be considered as one of the best holiday traditions that should be hosted at work to celebrate together with colleagues and their respective families.

halloween-treatsHalloween, not much of a surprise, is considered as the second most popular holiday next to Christmas. It is popular not only with kids but also with adults. Celebrating Halloween at work is both appealing and motivational for an employee, considering it will involve the whole office and the extended families that they get to bring during the festivities.

Since Halloween is not actually connected to a particular religion, almost everyone at work can participate. This is also the time of the year where everyone can get creative and be in their fancied costumes, without the guilt. They also get the chance to bring their families, most especially the kids, to have a blast while trick or treating.

Here are some tips on how to celebrate and host a Halloween party at work.

Arrive in various costumes

Since everyone is busy with their different tasks at work, it would be best to arrive at the party in any Halloween-themed costume. Requiring them to be in a Zombie or a specific costume will only take much of their time and might ruin the party-goer’s excitement. Keep it even simpler by allowing your employees to wear their costume during work prior to the party, or host the party in a venue where they can arrive together with their respective families in costumes that they feel comfortable in. Have a Best in Costume award ready not only for the kids but also for the adults in the event. A simple gift or a gift certificate would be a nice token you can give afterwards.halloween-award

Halloween decorations per department or team

To make Halloween decorating a fun way to bond the team, assign every department their respective areas for Halloween decorating. You can give awards for the team that manages to make their place the scariest area in the office.

Encourage potluck

halloween-costumeIt may be hard for the HR or the personnel in charge of the party to do everything for the event and enjoy participating at the same time. To lighten the load for them, every department can bring a treat to be shared by all employees in the office. It can also be on a per employee basis, if the number of employees is small. Each department can be assigned to bring cookies, drinks, sandwiches and easy-to-do and eat finger foods that can be shared with the rest of the staff. Candies and chocolates are a must too if you’ll have kids attending the party.

Halloween is indeed a widely celebrated holiday. Mark this occasion and make it a memorable and fun event even at your workplace by allowing time to party and bond with your colleagues and their families.


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