Halloween Movies Perfect for Your Extraordinary Fright Night
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18 Nov Halloween Night Bonding: Movies Perfect for Your Extraordinary Fright Night

Watching horror movie over some pizza, popcorn, soda, and with a bunch of great friends is a perfect way to end a week or to start the weekend. Everyone loves a good movie marathon and it would really be fun to do it during the holidays or during Halloween night to add suspense and excitement to the heart-pounding movie that is already screening on the plasma screen.

With all those streaming videos available online and those old collectible movies stored in your favourite DVD stash, you will never run out of great horror movies to keep you and your friends and family entertained during a dull ordinary night. Make every fright night an extraordinary one by adding these few classics and truly slasher movies to your collection and movie marathon list.



With several installments under its belt, you could practically spend an all-nighter to be able to finish all the installments of this movie series. See victims get their bodies dismembered and test how far your stomach can bear the gruesome cinematography of this series. This is also a good conversation starter with friends. Are you willing to cut your friends open with a scythe to save yourself?

A Nightmare on Elm Street


Wear your Freddie Kruger mask or any disfigured character while reliving the terror of not being to sleep as you and your friends share a bottle of soda while watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Do not dare to fell asleep or suffer the same faith of the teens in the movie. There is no escape from Freddy Kruger so prepare to have a hard time sleeping afterwards.



Want to spend fright night with your kids? You might want to consider watching Caroline and make them realise that they should settle with the current set of parents that they have. Not unless they would want to have buttons as eyes and stay in a different dimension where everything seems great except that you’ll have to die to stay there forever… The movie’s atmosphere is generally creepy — too creepy than the Halloween decorations that you put up last Halloween.



Have a knack for travelling into exotic places together with friends? Be sure to watch this movie to know what to avoid on your next travel or you might end up losing a limb or getting skinned alive. See heads being cut off, eyes popping,  and clueless tourist brutally being tortured alive.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Any certified horror genre lover should have the 1974 version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on their collection. The mortality rate is high and the evil guys are equally evil and fearsome. The movie is downright horrific yet well-made and well-acted. It is also too effective, making grip hard on your arm chair or on the nearest arm available beside you.

Be delighted with the screams of fear and be thrilled with the excitement as the plot of your favourite movie thickens, over good food and great company, as you turn your horror movie night into a truly memorable and frightening one.

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