The Best Halloween Costume Awardees for 2016
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24 Nov The Best Halloween Costume Awardees This 2016

Halloween 2016 has finally reached its conclusion and it can be considered as one of the most colourful, insightful, and truly entertaining holidays of the year across the globe. What’s great about Halloween is that parents, teens, and kids alike can experiment all they want with make-up, cardboards and even fiberglass to create the spookiest or the grandest costumes perfect for Halloween.

To celebrate all the talents that managed to pull off their magnificent art creations just in time for Halloween, here are some of the best and most-talked about Halloween costumes for 2016. Check out some of the spookiest, funniest, and most pinned creative costumes on the web.

Food costumes


Food costumes are one of the most common and yet most creative Halloween costumes this year. This pizza costume is one of the most pinned Halloween costume on Pinterest this year. Other food-inspired costume variations include hotdogs on a bun, burgers, chili’s, ice creams, bananas and even steaks. However, the worldwide-loved pizza emerged as the best among the rest.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


The US election has already reached its end but we can still talk about the two top candidates for the presidential seat just for fun. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wannabes were frequent in almost every Halloween party and gathering last Halloween. Donald Trump’s iconic hair was practically a common staple for the Trump get-up while Hillary’s shades were present in most of her impersonators. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom even pitched in and arrived at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party as the presidential rivals.

Snapchat filters


We all know that Snapchat really made it big this year for its untraceable 10-second videos and its funny and creative filters. The hype for these filters managed to overlap with Halloween. Make-up skills were definitely tested via the different real life adaptations of Snapchats filters like rainbow tongues, doggy ears, and flower head pieces.

Ghost Busters


The return to the big screen of the movie Ghost Busters came perfectly almost a few months before Halloween, inspiring people to dress up as these iconic ghost-busting characters. Some even went to the extent of creating their own Ecto-1 as their Halloween costume.



Pokemon Go created a huge amount of fans this year through the launch of its mobile application. This Halloween, it was not a surprise to see Pikachu and Squirtle running around the streets asking for candies. Some decided to go casual and pretended to be Pokemon Go trainers complete with their backpack and Pokemon Go watches.

Halloween 2016 was more inclined into the funny and creative side of fancy dressing. However, some still kept their love for horror and dressed not only to impress but to scare people, just like what we all have grown up doing every Halloween season.

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