Storing Your Halloween Decors for Next Year’s Celebration
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02 Dec Storing Your Halloween Decors for Next Year’s Celebration

Halloween decorating can be equally fun and frustrating in some ways: being able to pull off a spectacular ensemble at home or at your workplace or your business establishment in record- time and a few weeks before the holiday cheers.

Putting it all away is another chore that most of us would rather have someone else to do. To help you get things done, without having to worry about torn bon bons or breaking a couple of figurines, here are some organisational and storage tips you can do to keep those holiday items safe and securely kept away until next year’s festivities. These tips will also save you time from untangling and dusting your Halloween decorations in next year’s fright season.


Determine the weight you require for storage

If you are storing fragile and heavy Halloween props, it would be better to place them in wooden crates rather than boxes. Mannequins can be dismembered and stored inside these crate boxes together with few crumpled old newspapers or foam to keep them in good condition and to avoid scratches and damages on them. The same thing goes for candle holders and other fragile objects.

Use old packaging as storage for your decors

You can use the old packaging of the accessories that you have bought for Halloween as storage pieces for small items like skulls, masks, fake fangs, as well as your Halloween costumes. You can then place them all neatly in a huge container for next year’s use.

Label them properly

It would be easier for you next Halloween to locate your Count Dracula costume with their storage bags and boxes labelled properly. Labeling your storage boxes with the items that can be found inside saves you time as well the next time you plan to put up those scary props for Halloween. You can create a small list and attach a list of all your Halloween decors inside that box for easy locating.


Dedicate a space for your storage boxes

It would be better to allot a designated place where you can store your storage boxes safely and properly. Piling them up in your garage area or just putting the boxes away inside different cabinets inside your home would make it difficult for you to locate them one by one. Have a small room or small area dedicated for all your storage boxes. Be sure that this area is away from children’s reach to prevent falls and possible risks that comes with storing boxes vertically.

You can still use every piece of Halloween décor that you bought this year for next year’s Halloween celebration by keeping your items safe and neatly stored in a dedicated area in your homes.

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