Re-Using Your Halloween Decorations for Christmas?
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16 Dec Re-Using Your Halloween Decorations for Christmas? Possible thru DIY!

Are you quite busy to be able to store back your Halloween decorations one by one and then looking for your Christmas props and decors to put up your spectacular Christmas ensemble for the coming holidays? Fret no more and be ready to transform from Halloween to Christmas without tearing everything apart and re-doing everything with these DIY Halloween to Christmas holiday decorating tips from Parties Online.

There has been an increase in popularity of collaborating Christmas decorations with Halloween decorations. And since these two holidays are just a month’s apart, we have decided to make thing easier yet still creative for you as you crossover from Halloween to Christmas with your home decorations.

Halloween Trees


Halloween trees were very popular this year. A lot of people are rather enjoying placing adorable spooky ornaments in their Christmas tree to spruce up their Halloween Christmas trees. To make thing easier for you, you can keep your current Halloween tree and just add a few Christmas ball and accessories to lighten up the mood and colour of your Christmas tree. If you would want a tree that would work well for both Halloween and Christmas, go for the black-and-white theme because this backdrop works perfectly with a wide variety of Christmas ornaments and trinkets as well as Halloween props and accessories.

Candy Corn Garlands


You can make use of your candy corn accessories and transform them to colourful and unique garlands for your homes. You can tie a few colourful ribbons together with them, attach them along the rails of your stairs or along the borders of your fireplace for a creative and new look for your Christmas décor.

Christmas Light Spiders


This is also a unique yet very easy transformation that you can easily do to transcend swiftly from Halloween to Christmas. Simply attach small threads or plastic tie wires around your Christmas lights to make the bulbs look like like spiders. To make it colourful for Christmas, you can put glitters onto the legs so that they would sparkle when the lights are on.

Zombie Santa


Zombies have been very popular for quite some time as well so this has already become a staple in Halloween props and decorations. You may allow Zombies to be a part of your Christmas feast by having a Zombified Santa decoration for Christmas. Kids would love taking part in transforming Santa to Zombie Santa with a few colourful paints during a lazy weekend.

Save time in creating a unique Christmas ensemble in your home by allowing Halloween decorations crossover till Christmas Day with these DIY and affordable tips.

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