How to Stay Lucky During Friday the 13th
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finger crossed

13 Jan How to Stay Lucky During Friday the 13th

Mostly around the globe, Friday the thirteenth is considered as an unlucky day. The reasons behind this belief varies but most of the time, people get more cautious when the 13th of the months falls on a Friday. The number 13 is also generally considered as an unlucky one in the Western World, together with Friday the 13th. Some people also believe that there are ways to prevent bad luck from crossing their paths when it’s a Friday the 13th.

To keep your luck going even on this dreaded day, you might want to consider the tips below.

Keeping your fingers crossed.

finger crossed

This may sound funny but you making the sign of the cross, most especially for the Christian faith believers, is believed to be a way to ward off evil spirits from turning your day sour.

Knocking on wood

It is once believed that good spirits lived inside trees and that when you knock on anything made of wood, you are actually calling upon this spirits to guide you and to protect you from possible bad luck and danger that may come in your way.

Four leaf clovers


Ancient druids of warlocks believed that shamrocks or four-leaf clovers can help them see evil spirits, thus giving them the opportunity to ward off and avoid them.

Looking on the new moon over your right shoulder.

The moon has been believed to be a source of power and a central symbol for most superstitious beliefs. The New Moon is also a ripe time to start a new enterprise. Looking to the moon on your right shoulder, especially on a Friday the 13th,can help you ward evil manifestations and bad luck.

Putting your clothes inside out.

No one seems to know how this superstition originated, but the belief that backwards or inside out clothing brings good luck continues to be widespread — from children wearing their pajamas inside out in hopes of a snow day, to baseball players and fans turning their caps inside out during important games, and more.

Carrying an acorn in your pocket.


Acorns are the fruit of the sturdy oak tree. It is also an ancient symbol of fertility and long life. Having one along while getting over Friday the 13th adds extra luck and is believed to keep bad spirits away.

Picking up a pencil, a penny, a pin or a piece of coal in the street.

Finding and claiming any of these items, especially during Friday the 13th, is believed to portend good fortune. Picking up a penny for most Westerners is also believed to be a good luck.

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