Horror Stories from the Past: Scary February Ghost Stories
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horror show

27 Feb Horror Stories from the Past: Scary February Ghost Stories

horror show

There are many horror and scary stories out there. To some, a Stephen King novel is already enough to send shrivels down their spine. Others may require something tougher, like a true ghost story or a ghost sighting video that will truly make the hair behind their necks stand. No matter how you perceive it, true horror stories are stories that will take some time before you get fully disconnected with it. Reading one or seeing one through a video will constantly hunt you during your sleep, or even during daytime, while you’re all alone at home.

The real world is terrifying than you think it is. Here are some February horror stories that will creep you out even on the love month of February.

Elisa Lam’s Death

Elisa was enjoying her time in downtown Los Angeles back in January 2013. She was last seen in the lobby of the Cecil Hotel and was enjoying the West Coast while she documents her trip via her blog. Lam vanished on January 31. In February, after several weeks of searching, LAPD release an elevator surveillance footage of Lam prior to her disappearance. She appeared to be talking with invisible people inside the elevator. Investigators initially through that the assailant was just beyond the camera of the CCTV.  After several days of having problems with the hotel’s water, employees climbed to the roof and checked the water storage tanks. There they found Lams, naked and dead with a decomposing body, with her possessions located nearby. Her death was declared to be accidental. Legends of a serial killer’s soul still living on the 14th floor of the hotel is one of the haunting details being linked to the possible death of Lam.

Exorcism in Indianapolis

In Indianapolis, three siblings were allegedly being possessed by demons. There are stories of the children climbing walls, being thrown across a room by an invisible force, and the children threatening doctors in a strange unnatural voice while the latter attempts to check on them. It sounded like a movie but the incident was true accounts experience of the Ammons family. Nearly 800 pages of the official records obtained from the Indianapolis Star include a dozen of interviews with the police, doctors, families, and even a Catholic priest. Up until present time, a concrete reason behind these incidents in the Ammon family remains to be unavailable.

These frightening stories are just proofs that there is something beyond this world unexplainable for humans. Whatever these entities may be — be it a ghost, a spirit, or a demon — something unexplainable lurks beneath the shadows ready to leave us terrified and wishing to never encounter such terrifying mystery in life.


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