Best Horror Comics to Entertain You This Easter Holiday
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harrow cover

31 Mar Best Horror Comics to Entertain You This Easter Holiday

harrow county

Comic books are still entertaining pieces of literature we should try to enjoy every now and then. Comics from the 1940’s and the 1950’s are very full of supernatural fright, murders, and a lot of Lovecraftian-inspired horror. There is no surprise that horror geniuses like Stephen King are still considered as one of the best horror story tellers of all time. Although there is a fair chunk of people who enjoy reading comics like The Walking Dead or some are still into superheroes comic books, the horror comic genre remains to be a favorite among other comic genres.

To keep you busy and entertained this weekend during the Easter Holidays, or if you are trying to catch sleep during those restless nights, you might want to consider reading these awesome horror comics.

Harrow County by Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook

The mind behind the Western occult The Sixth Gun created another intricately plotted twisted comics – Harrow County. The comics is about an 18-year-old Emmy who experienced nightmarish horrors in the forest surrounding her home and within her family. It is a classic terror presented in the folk-art style.

Outcast by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta

Robert Kirkman was popularised due to his creation, The Walking Dead. Outcast, another one of his horror creations, is about a man dealing with the fallout of demonic possession and plagued demons. Paul Azaceta’s unsettling art will also keep you hooked with the comic series.

Ghosted by Goran Sudzuka and Joshua Williamson

This comic book is about a masterful criminal who finds himself busted out of the clink and was hired to capture a ghost. It has a minor hint of the story 13 Ghosts but is also unique in its own simple way. It is a blend of crime and modern day ghost-busting that horror genre fans will surely enjoy.

Nailbiter by Mike Henderson and Joshua Williamson

Buckaroo, Oregon is one of the most unique towns in the United States. In this story, this also happens to be the setting and the homeland of the sixteen most notorious killers in the US, including the comics lead character, Charles Warren. He is also known as the “Nailbiter” Warren as he chews off his victim’s fingernails. The slasher-flick appeal of the comics with a bunch of mysterious plot twists will also unravel the town’s grotesque mystery. If you want pure twisted fun and more, this comic book is the best one for you.


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