Spooktacular Ideas for Your Halloween Themed Party
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21 Apr Spook-tacular Ideas that’ll Knock your Halloween Themed Party Out of the Park


Throwing or attending a Halloween-themed party can be quite exhilarating, but making sure that the decor is spot on isn’t always a walk in the park. To prepare the perfect Fright Night, you will need to spend oodles of time and effort into the whole shebang, not to mention the cost. However, wouldn’t be nice if there were Halloween themed party ideas that would make the entire process a little easier?

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. We have rounded up sizzling ideas for a spooktacular decorations that’ll spruce it up into an ultimate Fright Night. Even better, re-using these decorations for Christmas, if you are planning to, is feasible through a nifty DIY.

Halloween Themed Party Invitations

Give your guests the creeps right from the outset with spooky invitation cards. The good news is that you can get these Halloween invitations in a variety of scary themes, colours, shapes, and styles. Don’t forget to garner a few with x bones, skulls, and spiders entwined in their webs, all saying you are invited to the party. You can even kick it up a notch with pop-up floating heads, zombies, and so forth.

Inflatable-Halloween-Beverage-CoolersServe Your Drinks in Scary Cooler

Looking for a fancy, but fright way to serve cold drinks at your party? Decorated drink coolers will do the trick (or treat). That’s right: serve drinks from fascinating inflatable pumpkin drink coolers that’ll simply knock your guests’ socks off.

Try Cheesecloth Spiderwebs

Nothing scares the heck out of people like make-believe spiderwebs hung around the living room, or at least where the party will take place, to create a decrepit atmosphere. For most thrift spenders, tearing, snipping, and pinning cheesecloth will work like a charm. Otherwise, you can purchase an assortment of these scary-looking spider webs online.

Decorate your Tables with Spooky Centrepieces

Nothing gets a Halloween themed party to screaming start than a centrepiece or bouquet plagued by all kind of blood-curdling insects, snakes, crustaceans, and probably a bloody human finger.

Use Spine-Chilling Goblets to serve Drinks

Buy a fabulous assortment of terrifying Halloween goblets (and perhaps shot glasses) to scare the crap out of your guests. Go for the ones with spider embellishments, skeleton faces, zombies…you get the drift?

Vampire-Style Tableware

For this theme, go all in with fake blood. Start off with table covers with dripping blood oozing down the length. Get bloody plates, napkins, glassware, crockery, and so forth to complete a vampire Halloween design.

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