Party Planning Ideas for a Halloween Masquerade Event
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16 Jun Quick Party Planning Ideas for a Halloween Masquerade Event

N93204_JokerwithFlameHairMasquerade events are always a big hit. When it is a Halloween masquerade event, things get a better twist. There are hundreds of ways to have a grand Halloween masquerade as your guests will readily add their twists to whatever idea you come up with. The night of scares can easily be spiced up with these great ideas.


This is the first step in setting the tone for the evening. There are several themes you can try out:

  • Vampire

Fangs dripping with blood and long dark cloaks will dominate this theme. The dwellers of the dark abode can take on a gothic look or be hip and flashy ala The Twilight Saga.

  • Voodoo

The mask is a big part of the voodoo thing. Complete the voodoo look with accessories and a few other things: carved masks, leather skin caps, feather decorations, and bloody daggers are good to set this theme.

  • Sexy theme leopard mask

Why not bring out the naughty side of the guests by having a sexy party theme? Sexy masks, boudoir outfits, body-hugging tights, and seductive items are the features of this theme.

Party invitations 

How better to let your guests know that you will be having a masquerade party than sending out masquerade invitations. Make paper masks and decorate them with glitters and some feathers. Let the guests know the main theme of the party and have them improvise however they can.


Look at the age of your guests. Are they likely to come in doubles or are they coming as singles expecting some fun from people they meet? A large venue should comfortably hold 50 without being too squeezed and getting into each other’s faces.  As it is a Halloween party, set the theme with a venue that is out of the way, like a farm barn outside town or an abandoned house, or a spacious lawn.

inviteParty decorations and lighting

Your decorations and lighting should speak of intrigue and mystery. Low lighting with lots of candles and twinkle lights will work very well. Decorate the venue with masks, mirrors, and sheer fabrics. Add a touch of the haunted with decorations of ravens, potion bottles, black sheer fabric, and scary pumpkin.


Slow and haunting classical music can set the tempo at the beginning of the evening. Crank up the tempo as the night progresses and have some trance at the top of the night. Get a fire dancer or a sword eater to put up a performance.


It is a masquerade party so the masks won’t be coming off a lot. Have some red wine and straws for your guests.

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