Spooky Fun Halloween Party Ideas
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02 Jul Spooky Fun Halloween Party Ideas

pumpkinHalloween has become such a popular event that no one wants to be left out in the festivities. Falling in the middle of two major seasons, it is an epic way to usher in the harsh winter weather. Irrespective of the fact that the holiday is characterised by darkness and horror, there are fun ways in which to entertain your guests. Are you torn between hosting or not hosting a Halloween party because you do not know how to plan it? Here are a few Spooky Fun Halloween Party Ideas to get you started;

Decorate your house

Your guests definitely expect the party venue to be decorated in pumpkin shells and a few masks but that is not a rule. The level of scare you bring out with your decorations should match the age of the people attending. If you are expecting mostly kids, capitalise on the use of colour and low lighting. Use red to denote blood and have skeletons falling from the ceiling if the party is meant for adults. bag-of-skeleton-bones-with-light-up-talking-skull

Set up a spooky snack station at the entrance

People are coming to a party so they expect to eat and eat some more. You can organise for some treats and bites to be stationed at the entrance. Catch the attention of all your invitees by using unique items as bowls. How about carving out a bowl from a spooked-up pumpkin then fill it with candy? You could also use a plain serving bowl to serve a common item like apples but first dip them in a bowl of red paste to depict blood.

Have a spooky costume prize

The best way to get people to wear their craziest Halloween costumes is to tell them that they will get a prize for it. Better still, this is a great way to give everyone a chance to showcase their creativity and hence, can be an interesting conversation starter for your guests. To make the costume aspect even more spooky, organise your own pieces which you can change into every couple of minutes throughout the party.

Experiment with different tastes Assorted skull set3

Well, everyone knows that chocolate is supposed to taste sweet but that is because sugar is added. Make your own treats but interchanging the ingredients to make fun taste combinations. This is quite spooky as guests will not only change their facial expressions when they put them in the mouth but everyone will be on high alert where taste is concerned.

While most people go out of their way to instill feelings of terror in their friends and family, a Halloween party where there are expected turns into the unexpected is surely quite a blast.

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