Fail-proof Ideas for that Spooktacular Office Party
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09 Jul Fail-proof Ideas for that Spooktacular Office Party

pumpkin-fluffy-hanging-decorationIt is almost the unspoken rule in every organisation that the Human Resources department will organise Halloween and other social events at the office premises. To be honest, this culture can cause the failure rate of an event to go higher. Why? Employees want to feel that they too are capable enough to plan their own work calendar. At the same time, rotating holiday or event planning duties between departments foster a sense of responsibility and ownership. Finding a steering committee to plan a Halloween party is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few pointers to a spooktacular office party.

Invest in decor

bat moonBy “invest”, it does not automatically mean breaking the bank. A simple pumpkin can be carved into any desired pattern. Why not ask the organising team to carve out shapes that represent the core function of each department? This can be a fun way of making all employees feel included in the fun. To get a whole lot of ideas for the decorations, visit online stores for cheap items you can buy to improvise for your situation.


Good and appropriate music crowns any type of events because it helps to set the mood of an occasion. There is a wide range of Halloween classics you can go for but the ones that will impress every time are “Monster Mash” and “Thriller”. If possible, have a DJ on the decks to alter the tone of music throughout the party and create a soundtrack worth paying attention to.

shot glassFood and Drinks

Even if you lack ideas on all other areas of the party, food must not give you a hard time. Think of all the tasty snacks that people like to have at parties and make fun out of them. One way to create a spooky impression of the food in a party is to carve a face from a pumpkin and paint the eyes red to express anger. Curve a wide mouth and position this at the edge of a place that has green coloured food or bitings. You can also use red, white, and red food pieces to make tiny eyes which can be served as bitings or dessert.

Costumes bandana

Forget about the suits and official wear: this is the time for everybody to come dressed in a masquerade. Want to make this fun for everyone? Have everyone to vote for the person they think is best dressed for the occasion – then give a prize (for the winner and runners-up).

Office Halloween parties are such lively events where everyone is meant to feel like part of the celebration. This is the best time for bosses to freely mingle with their teams for an unforgettable experience.

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