Throwing a Spooky Birthday Bash
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23 Jul Throwing a Spooky Birthday Bash

It happens every year — your birthday — and apart from the usual milestone years of 16, 18, and 21, most people have no idea what kind of theme to use any other time. Well, just to make it interesting.. why not have a spooky birthday bash? Well, the fun will even be greater if your big day is around Halloween season as you can combine both occasions. But either way, the greatest task will be to get your friends and family to enjoy the horror as much as you will — that is easy with the following handy tips:



The cake

There can be no birthday without a cake to grace the day. How about a red velvet cake or a dark chocolate cake decorated with red frosting? The options for dark coloured cakes are endless but you can be creative with them by adding a few spooky details. A spider made from hard frosting can be positioned on one corner or a web can be drawn over the top of the cake. The best colours to use on a spooky birthday bash cake are black, red, green, and orange. Be as creative as possible but make sure the taste is heavenly.


Everybody’s attention at the birthday party will be focused on you so there is no excuse not to dress up. It is ok to dress up like your favourite cartoon character but this is a spooky bash we are talking about. There are a couple of horror themes like thriller, vampire, and Dracula which you can borrow and apply to your party to make it awesome without going overboard.

Food and bitings 

From the moment your guests start to arrive, make it a point to keep their mouths busy. This way, they will be less bored. Food can be a great way for strangers to warm up to each other as well. Be creative in not only the shape of food but the design of the food holders as well. Instead of using regular wine glasses, use white disposable tumblers but go a step further to have some spooky artwork done on them. If you have time, you can print some gruesome food images on the sides and bottom. Mexi Skull PPv2


Singing the regular birthday song is almost guaranteed but that does little for a spooky birthday bash theme. Ever watched a horror film that put you on the edge of the seat throughout? Part of it was definitely due to the soundtracks so pull out such to cause a scare among your friends and family.

Provided that your party has plenty of food and interaction going on, it can do with a little stir. Try out all the ideas you can think to give the occasion an exciting yet creepy feel.

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