Planning a Teen Halloween Party that's Scarily Good
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30 Jul Planning a Teen Halloween Party that’s Scarily Good

finger foodWhat can a teenager do for their birthday to show their parents that they are responsible enough and and at the same time impress their friends? Maybe not much in the way of buying cool treats because the entire budget is probably being funded by the parents. Halloween is a good time to organise a party for your teenage friends because there is so much that someone can organise with such a little budget. At the same time, Halloween is the only time of the year where people get to dress in masquerades without looking or feeling out of place. Are you thinking of throwing a teen Halloween party that’s scarily good? Here are some ideas to try out:


You do not have to think of any fancy recipes when preparing the food: main goal is to make your guests afraid by making the food to look like something that cannot be eaten. Finger foods work best because the crafting is easy to do in small portions as opposed to large quantities. For instance, instead of serving plain pastry chips, coat them with honey or syrup to get a sticky coat, dust them with powdered biscuit then dip one end into red food colour for a creepy look. Let the red colour drop in indefinite patterns to depict blood and disorder. Another scary but good example of finger foods that can be crafted for Halloween is marshmallows on which red crooked lines have been drawn to resemble bloodshot eyes then garnished with a black or dark berry for the pupil. shot glass2


Well, red is a cool colour idea for a drink in a Halloween party but then again, everybody automatically expects that. Why not buy syringes and fill these with concentrated fruit juice? It is also nice to think of ways to make the glasses part of the Halloween theme. an easy style would be to mix up red food colour with corn syrup and then letting the rim of the glass to touch the top of the mixture. spiders-lair-scene-setterDrops of red syrup will appear as blood, creeping the hell out of your guests. For a more personalised feel, use a lemon cut in half to make a mouth imprint on the edge of all glasses leaving the colour to drip to the bottom.

Halloween party decorations

People will be coming to a Halloween party so make them feel the theme even before they enter the house. Outside the door, have a piece of wood crafted into the shape of a hand reaching out from under the flowers or grass. You can create a spooky feel by the windows by hanging pieces of old sheets and black polythene bags. The white sheets can be used as tablecloths and make sure they reach the floor to create the illusion that the tables are floating.

Get everyone into the Halloween mood from the word go. If any of your friends comes without a mask or costume, have a couple extra ones for them to use.

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