Magical Wizard-Inspired Party Ideas
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06 Aug Magical Wizard-Inspired Party Ideas

NAF2195-wizard-hatWho doesn’t fancy casting spells and fishing little rabbits from the pocket? Let your party guests’ fancies of magical powers come true with a wizard inspired party. There are several ways of imbuing the magical vibe and having everyone feeling like they just graduated Hogwarts. Have both the kids and the adults fully enjoying the party with these party ideas.

Spooky invitations

Send an intriguing welcome card to your guests. Cut a potato in half and use a knife to make a random lizard shape for a stamp. Seal the invitation envelopes with hot wax and use the potato to make your wizard’s seal. wizard hat4

Wizard Hats

There is no wizard worth his spells without a sorting hat. The longer the pointy end, the better. If there are kids in the party, entice them with a talking hat. You can make one with the help of a baby monitor. Have your accomplice cast spells unseen from another room. Better yet, make the hats edible. You can do this by baking cupcakes and frost them with sugar cones.

Wizard food

Have your guests partake in frightening dinner. Make gross pudding by tinting vanilla green with food colouring. Pour on Jell-O for a gross visual effect of snot. Serve eyeballs scooped out of a cantaloupe using a melon baller.

Make drinks that turn colour and have everyone amazed as you spell them to drink magic potions. To make this, pour food colour into a glass and let it dry. Put in some ice to hide the food colour. Wait for the guests to pour their drinks into the glasses. Cast your spell.

Potion jars

A wizard’s den must be well stocked with magic potions and different gross ingredients. Make potion jars using normal glass jars filled with easy-to-find items that you give magic-inspired names. Black lentils can be bat eyes, dip spaghetti in red sauce to make blood worms, coloured water and tea leaves to make dream fluid, and so on. wizard-wand-potter

Magic wands

Just like the sorting hat, the magic wand is a standard accessory for the wizard. Make your magic wands using licorice sticks and candy melt. harry-potter-warthog-high-scarf

Dragon’s Lair

Become an uber-wizard with your dragon. Place a cardboard box in a corner and line it with old grass. Paint the eggs blue and finish with fleck-stone paint to make a magical sparkle.

A full blooded magician

Have the magic turn real by inviting a real magician to perform the trick. Your guests will truly feel enchanted.

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