Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Tips
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20 Aug Say, “Boo!” Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Tips

Bat-Hero-CostumeSafe fun is the key word for Halloween party. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away and forget that kids get scared easily and your idea of adult fun could be, in fact, terrifying the kids badly. You will need to come up with costumes and games that are friendly for both adults and kids if you are having a party with both. It does not have to be boring just because the ‘terror’ has been taken out. It can actually be wild fun when you use these tips.


There are numerous costumes that kids will find exciting and intriguing. Boys will love superhero costumes like Batman. Medieval costumes like knights, kings, and jesters will also look good on kids. Girls can be dressed up as snow princesses and other cute characters from the comics like Catwoman. Remember to inform your guests to wear nothing too scary. Adult costumes could include wigs, masks and other outfits from kids’ popular movies like Flash or Thor.


Keep away from hanging heads, blood, and gore. Scary pumpkins will work pretty well. Have a melon pig for target practice by the kids. You can make a jack-o-lantern with store-bought foam bubbling out. Add a bit of intrigue using lighting. Coloured foil wrapped around the bulbs will work in giving off coloured lighting. Some spooky background music is enough to make the place eerie enough. Ghostbusters is a safe choice.

Food and drinks

If you are having kids below 10, they might not find the fun in drinking red juice from faux human skulls. Entice them with colour turning drinks. You can easily do this using food colour. Place different colours in empty glasses and wait to dry before serving the drinks. The kids will be delighted as they drink the ‘magic potions.’ Serve safe treats like witch candy hats and sorting hats made from sugar cones. Treats for the bags could include candy sushi, gummy worms, and rice or potato crisps.


The kids will find fun in games like ‘Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin’ or running a mummy race. You can also keep the fun going by having the Halloween jinx. The kids can also make decorations like the ghost and pumpkin tree, or decorate the treat bags with their favourite colours.

It is easy to organise a Halloween party friendly for the kids. Shop your costumes carefully and focus on making the party more fun and games than scary.

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