Oktoberfest-Inspired Halloween Party
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03 Sep Oktoberfest Inspired Halloween Party

Oktoberfest has grown over the years to become a festival celebrated all over the world, from the homeland Munich to Melbourne or every place in-between. Why is Oktoberfest all the rage? Imagine a blend of a copious amount of Bavarian beer, party-goers, plenty of food and German music renting the air – and that’s the magical allure of Oktoberfest.

On the other hand, Halloween is a holiday celebration that has gained increased traction across the globe. It’s the time to bring out your spooktacular decorations and costumes – and party like it’s 1920s! So if you love Oktoberfest and Halloween, why not bring together the better of the two worlds?

Here are some tips that are bound to help you kick your Oktoberfest-themed Halloween party out of the park!


If you are looking to kick your Halloween party up a notch, get some fabulous Oktoberfest inspired tableware. With several stores selling these supplies at pocket-friendly prices, you can now garner Oktoberfest table covers in appropriate blue striped white patterns as well as German flag. They will go well with Oktoberfest liners, centerpieces and cutlery including Oktoberfest themed napkins, forks, LED beer mugs, toothpicks, scene setters, steins, disposable cups, paper plates, and so much more.

You Can Never go wrong with Oktoberfest BalloonsFOIL SUPER SHAPE BALLOON - BEER MUG

Balloons are the lifeline of any party and Oktoberfest themed balloons and weights will take your Halloween festivities from a drab to fab in no time. The good thing is that you can buy these balloons in all sorts of shapes (steins, hats, etc.), sizes and colors (preferably blue, green or with beer mug patterns).


Make sure that you deck the party venue with an assortment of sizzling Oktoberfest decorations. For best results, purchase Oktoberfest hanging swirls, garden vinyl banner signs, German flags, fans, decorative honeycomb lantern balls, Mr Oktoberfest figures, Oktoberfest cut-outs, German Bavarian party flags, and an assortment pennant banners.

Oktoberfest Dress IdeasVIKING PLUSH SOFT HAT

Next up is to shop for Oktoberfest attire. Male attendants will have to buy Lederhosen costumes, alpine, trilby or Viking hats, Bavarian bracers or suspenders and German vests of their choice. Sassy female attire usually comprises an Oktoberfest costume, Maiden Flaurein vest, Inge long blonde plaits and a fancy hat.


Oktoberfest is all about the beer. And for an authentic feel and look, garner beers from the original 6 Munich breweries: Hacker-Pschorr, Spaten, Paulaner, Löwenbräu, Augustiner and Hofbräu. Of course, some of these brews are somewhat difficult to come out of Munich. If you also don’t want to spend oodles of cash on shipping the beer, it is best to go for genuine Australian crafts. The idea is to support local breweries and have lots of fun while at it.

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