Spooky Perfect Halloween Ball for Teens
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12 Oct Spooky Perfect Halloween Ball for Teens

PINATA - TOP HAT SKULLThe idea of cooking up some crazy ghost stories, making eerie looking lanterns and raising your spirits with horror scenes is bound to impress any teenager. A well-organized Halloween party even if targeted for teenagers is a fun activity for grownups and kids alike. As a teenager, the idea of trick or treating is not fun anymore because that is probably what they had been treated to since they were little. If you believe that Halloween can only be worth your time if the black cats start to appear and the moon is heard to be whispering, then a spooky Halloween would suit you best.


Spooky features

To impress teenagers with an insatiable appetite for a thrill, think along the lines of spooky music, fake cemetery, half opened coffins and dry ice. If you can create a spooky dance floor, and get some fog machine to add on to the creepy allure of a dark night, most teens will stay lively and active throughout the party. Are you able to access a card reader or psychic to entertain your guests with spooky readings? It is completely fine if the readings are fake but provide for a hearty laugh. Those who have a liking for the outdoors would do with an outdoor setup where bales of hay can be arranged to provide a warm confine.


Think about the type of party that you want to hold for the teenagers; there are various types and the choice will largely depend on budget. A simple party that would not cost much could involve a costume parade. Teenagers can be asked to adorn their favorite outfits which portray interesting historical characters. For those who prefer the traditional set up, a bonfire, apples and simple snacks could feature on the menu. Teenagers would not mind going all the way to entertain themselves and make fun of each other so a mix of any two themes is a perfect idea.

Spooky party timings

MOON AND BAT CUT OUTS - PACK OF 4Inform your guests of the intention to hold a teens Halloween party well in advance. While ample notice is good especially if there is a need to source for costumes and special decorations, up to two weeks or a few days is enough to spark the desired level of interest. Thinking of daytime event because you are hosting kids? Well, late afternoon to early evening works best because then the setting sun or darkness can be used to accentuate the mood.

The perfect ball that teenagers will speak of long after it has passed is one that they will have plenty to eat, lots of fun games or activities and interact with new friends.

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