Creepily Awesome Halloween Props to Get this Season
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19 Oct Creepily Awesome Halloween Props to Get this Season

Everyone focuses on costumes as the backbone for any Halloween party or event but decorations are equally as essential. You may choose to either have creative, fun or just simple props that enhance the holiday mood. For most people, however, Halloween cannot be complete without some creepy props but these will vary as per individual taste or family traditions. 

House decorations

Decorations will be different in every house you visit over the Halloween season. While some people are ordinarily known for their creativity and desire to impress with their decorations, it can be easy to pull off some simple decorations without breaking the bank. Care for the haunted house look? With a simple fog machine, scary music and strips of flowing fabric that can be hung on trees and windows, even the simplest houses can look haunted to the freight of the neighbors. This can be a cool idea if there is no time for doing the decorating; for a household where there are children and people on holiday, then decorating can be a time for bonding and togetherness in the family.

In the yard

People coming into your home during the Halloween season need to feel the spirit of the occasion as soon as they turn into your driveway. Dressing your yard to look scary can take a bit of time because you need to use items that will not be easily destroyed by the wind or even rain. It is easy for some people to make up spider webs because they have the time but if you cannot, buying readily made hangings is also an option. Did you ever imagine that you would ever encounter a zombie? Why not give your neighbors and friends a real scare by making them think you have someone buried in your yard? For those who love zombie movies, this prop will not go unnoticed.


Can you eat food that has been served in a human head? Well, you can if the head is made of regular food storage items’ materials like plastic, metal or glass. You can make one for yourself by buying a mannequin head, painting it to your liking to make it look like someone just had a gruesome accident on your front door. This can be used to serve bitings which visitors can pick as they walk in.

There is no limit to how creepy Halloween props should be so you are allowed to use your imagination, reconstruct horror movie scenes and simply play on the psyche of those who see them.

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