Eerily Creative Halloween Trends for 2017
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22 Oct Eerily Creative Halloween Trends to Check Out

ANIMATED PUMPKIN DEMON WITH KICKING LEGS & SOUNDHalloween is no doubt the spookiest time of the year and this is the time when everyone wants to engage family members in carving pumpkins or designing costumes that would make the loudest impact. Well, apart from decorations and costumes, some trends are emerging and in a way help to keep the holiday exciting. It’s always fun to sit back and see how your guests get all mushy with the props, foods, and bitings you have created. Here are some eerily creative trends that can be tried out for that exciting Halloween experience.

Think beyond the ordinary costumes

Dress trends are ever changing and for many people, the chance to try out different designs does not present itself at all. Whether it is because of the nature of their job or circumstances, it can be hard to dress in anything other than your work or school attire. Did you think that the 80’s have no place in the present? Well, just look around on Halloween and you will see several people in costumes that have been designed to remind us of when we were little. It is worth a mention that people are now going back to distinct clothe cuts and that is why geometrically shaped clothes are a growing trend for Halloween attire.

Spin around the colors

The traditional Halloween colors have for the longest time been gloomy green, putrid purple, pitch black and deep orange. These are common in both costumes as well as decorations associated with the holiday. To capture more attention to the holiday and add a hint of fun, people are complimenting these seemingly boring colors with blue and lighter shades of orange. To ensure that the colors do not clash, multiple tones of the same color are used to enhance the main color.

Texture for horror

If you want to bring out the reality of a picture, sculpture or any work of art, use texture. This is the same with decorations and especially props used in Halloween. You want them to appear as real as possible and texture does exactly that. Instances that can use texture to bring out authenticity are bloody scenes and food preparation. Want an apple to look like a human eye that has just been popped open? Cut out a flat portion and put light red plum jam on the edges followed by a single grape at the center. While this is a sweet treat, one cannot help but think of the image it portrays.

The true spirit of Halloween can only be experienced only by those who are daring enough to try new things. Think of the image you want people to associate with, then think of natural items you can use to best enhance it.

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