Celebrate Melbourne Cup & Halloween in One Blast
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02 Nov 2-in-1: Here’s How to Celebrate Melbourne Cup & Halloween in One Blast

Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve happens on 31st and a week later is the famous Melbourne Cup, but there’s no crime with combining the two and hosting a thrilling fun-fare. What even makes everything smooth and glamorous is the fact that you are going to host the Melbourne Cup party in your backyard.  

Here’s how you can create a memorable 2-in-1 blast!

brown-latex-horse-headStart the day with some Melbourne Cup fun.

You don’t have to be in the streets to join in and personally experience the fun. After all, you can have fun with the right company, right at your own home.

Firstly, you must decorate the whole place to replicate Australia’s most popular horse racing day. Flags, banners, balloons, swim rims, inflatables, etc., and Anzac tableware and anything else that makes a proud Australian. You can simply find and order online everything you’ll possibly need.

zombie face FD18906End the day on a spooky Halloween high.

A scary outfit, zombie kids, fake blood and plenty of ghost and ghouls roaming around offer a night of horrible and frightening fun for Halloween enthusiasts. But as the festivities engulf the city’s streets for the Zombie walk, you can stage your own right at home. Perhaps you are thinking about where to get those creepy costume ideas from and how to scare the hell out of that neighbor.

PO 545918_10152705094490291_1278754258_nGet your party products from a one-stop shop.

Well, you will first need to identify a character like a zombie clown with amputated legs, a scary spirit, skeletons or anything weird. If you can’t find a great one, just use our  spooky selection of Halloween props and costumes, masks, makeup and blood products, just to name a few items from our online shop. For your kids and toddlers, find the right attire that can make them be like superheroes or princesses – after all, everything is a fantasy!

c26385-clown maskIt isn’t mandatory that you hit the streets like everyone else or act like a clown and scare those envious neighbors. Local haunted houses can be an ideal place to visit for adults and teens who can’t do the trick-or-treating gimmicks. And if you can’t locate one to visit, design yours by basically setting aside a room within your house with spooky sound effects, dimming lights, and an eerie ambiance.

As for the foods, anything candied apples, mummy-like sausages, cinnamon doughnuts, hot apple cider and all those Halloween inspired foods and drinks are welcome. Try your hand on some “Witches Fingers” with Halloween themed drinks!


Don’t forget the Australian Halloween tradition of using an orange balloon at the front door of your home. If you’re thinking about where to get the best Melbourne Cup and Halloween costumes in Australia, just visit Parties Online and place an order.

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