Creepy Carnival Party Ideas to Haunt You at Night
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09 Nov Creepy Carnival Party Ideas to Haunt You at Night

How would you like to make your spine-tingling, heart-stopping fright nights last longer, guarantee more hours of fun, and even let the whole neighborhood fret?

Halloween season might be behind us, but that does not mean we are all free from Coulrophobia (the fear of clowns, for those who never knew). At a period when horror films have made us hate and fear them in equal measure, a creepy carnival party ideas inspired by clowns can be an absolute must-do.

If you have a weird personality (or just looking to steer away from the ordinary and boring), decorate your yard for an all-month Halloween feel and  scare the heck out of your neighbors. For everything spooktacularly fun and creepily awesome, we’ve got your back. Check out our tips below!

giant-bloody-window-postersA Haunted Carnival

If your community has many little kids and toddlers who have never really tasted the spirit of Halloween, a haunted carnival can be a priceless thrill. Instead of handing them candies for free, make their night a bit frightening, try setting up a haunted carnival. Stage the deadliest show on earth using scary, bloody clown and several “Enter if You Dare” or “Killer Show” signboards on the door. The best ones can be like our window, door and ceiling decorations, or the yard decorations!

FD91196-light-up-swinging-dead-clown1A Haunted Party at your Yard

If a haunted carnival is a lot of work for you, plan a haunted party at your backyard instead. A spooky party can include ghostly clown characters lurking in the dark, eerie sounds in the background, special carnival decorations, and everything that’s quirky.  

Such an idea is the best when staged in the open since it will be readily recognizable at a Halloween / fright night going by the theme and the sounds. However, use Halloween-inspired latex balloons and foils to bring in that fear factor and scare the heck out of the daring of all!

halloween-witchPreparations for that Carnival of the year

Aside from choosing a realistic floor plan of your small yard, lighting is key to how others will fret. Some other must-haves might include the right costumes, haunted Halloween dresses, props, bats, rats and spiders (fake, of course) and skulls and skeletons.

If you would love to bring out the witch’s cauldron, prepare some spider slime or wrap up some plastic pins in tissue papers to create fake mummies with bowling eyes. To cover that garden or shed walls, use your best scene setter decorations choice from our wide array of selections.. Hot dogs made to look like human fingers with ketchup and served as hamburgers can still scare the heck out of anyone!

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