Creative Ways of Using Your Halloween Decorations Once the Season Is Over
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16 Nov Creative Ways of Using Your Halloween Decorations Once the Season Is Over

If you are going to spend a lot of money on Halloween decorations, it would be wise to make the most out of your initiatives. Go on a scavenger hunt through a distinguished online store that sells Halloween costumes, props and other stuff and chooses those that align with your theme party. Whether it will be a Halloween party in your backyard, a haunted carnival or even the costumes, just strive to offer the best, spine-tingling performance.

But after you have left a Halloween performance worth reminiscing and the props, costumes, masks and other stuff have no use anymore, try re-using them elsewhere. For the pumpkin, it can be a tasty snack as pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice latte, or even some yummy vegetarian lasagna. For the other items, here are a few of the many creative ways of reusing them.

N11659-90cm-hanging-skeleton-animatedSkulls and Skeletons

Since Halloween is a once-in-a-year affair, there’s no reason to keep buying the same skulls and skeletons and just store them afterwards. And the simplest way of keeping them is by turning into useful decorations at home. Spray them to look beautiful and be creative with how you incorporate them into your home’s decor. You can have that skull in your living room, beside that stereo system or on top of your reading table.

PO8930gfBalloons, Masks and Makeup and Blood

Even when you purchased devilish Halloween masks, balloons and makeup blood, nothing should stop you from giving them a good use later. For Halloween balloons, let them give your house a great look or use them as part of your Christmas festivities. Makeup and blood can come in handy when painting used wine bottles as part of your home’s DIY decorations. Hang those masks in your kids’ room to serve as their memorabilia or even use them for their birthday celebrations.

POisabella-apothecary-jarApothecary Jars

They come in handy when you are decorating your Halloween party, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used thereafter. Apothecary jars can create vignettes that add glamour, detail, and interest to your sitting room. You will just need to clean them up and ensure all those spooky colors and decorations are removed altogether.

POa741158Pillows and Blankets

If you had a special Halloween chair and it now appears odd and “lonely” in the midst of other chairs, use that Halloween blanket to give it a great look. Find someone who truly knows how to sew it according to your requirements and strive to create a majestic seat.

POcandelabraHalloween Tableware

Horror party tableware will look scary because it is Halloween and everything else is spooky. But later when everything is over, and the eerie has been replaced with another happier ambiance, don’t feel guilty using them as part of your cutlery collection. Just find a matching assortment to use alongside them and enjoy your food like you usually do!

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