Recreate Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas
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24 Dec Recreate Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas

Who says you can’t mix Halloween and Christmas? With Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas-themed party, you can do just that! There’s a lot of takeaways from the film, so we’ll give you what we believe are the essentials.

midnight-dreary-invitationsParty Invites

Spooky yet endearing is how your party invites should appeal. It’s a tough mix, but all the things you need are available from the film itself. For instance, you can use the fonts of the film title for your card and print Jack Skellington on one side of the card and Sally on the other side. Of course, you shouldn’t forget placing classic jack-o-lanterns with the graveyard dome in the background. How about some creepy yet fun ghost pop-ups? Or if you have time to spare, you can even add other characters such as Oogie Boogie, as well as Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

Party Decors

Regardless of how grand or how simple your party would be, when it comes to decors, you need to focus on the details. That doesn’t mean you should spend much because, with a little bit of creativity, you can pull off some great decorating ideas that would cost you next to nothing. You can start with a few Jack Skellington face paper lanterns hung above the party table mixed with stripes of white and black crepe paper. Don’t forget to cover the lights with thin sheets of coloured plastic for a dim, creepy effect. Of course, a party is not complete without balloons, so see to it that you scatter Jack Skellington (who else?) balloons all over the place!

candleabraParty Table Setup

The party table setup will make or break your entire theme, so make sure you give enough time preparing this. For your backdrop, you can cut out large cardboards to the shape of the film’s main cover art, the one where Jack is standing on top of a wave-shaped hill with jack-o-lanterns scattered on the foreground.

For the table itself, a black and white striped runner would be perfect. Add to the design a couple of black candle stands on each side of the table, or just one large black candelabra. Don’t forget black paper cups and paper plates with spider web designs on the outer lip.

Party Food & Drinks

Die-hard Tim Burton fans would surely be impressed with a batch of snake and spider stew, but if you find that one difficult to digest, you can just stick to Skellington sandwiches or Skellington pizza instead. Did we mention Skellington pancakes and Skellington cupcakes? Oh, how about Sally’s Deadly Nightshade, Frog’s Breath, and Worms Wort? Now, it’s up to you what to place inside the potion bottles as long as they’re edible.

musical-notes-scattersParty Music

Music will add life (pun intended) to your party, so play the entire soundtrack of the film throughout the program. Jack’s Lament, The Town Meeting Song, and Jack and Sally Montage will surely add to the mix of light and dark, and jolly and grotesque that your party already is.

Party Favours

Oggie Boogie party bags are the best party favour bags for a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed party. Fill the bags with Nightmare Before Christmas colouring materials, stickers, or key rings. And to make sure the little monsters don’t go hungry, add some skeleton candies, Skellington chocolates, and other ghoulish treats in there!

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