A Look back on Australia's Scariest Urban Legends and Myths
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18 Feb A Look back on Australia’s Scariest Urban Legends and Myths

Australia is one of the most livable places on Earth, thanks to its marvelous weather, beautiful beaches, and of course, wonderful people. With its exquisiteness, it’s hard to imagine that there’s anything terrifying that could come of out this continent, except for some frightening animals you won’t expect to find inside your houses that are a common sight in homes in the “Down Under,” of course. But, believe it or not, just like other places on the planet, Australia is home to some of the creepiest myths and urban legends. Let’s take a look at some of them.


handsFD13557The Invisible Hands at Goodna Cemetery

Nothing seems to be so special about the Goodna Cemetery. In fact, it’s just a tiny cemetery located in the centre of Brisbane. However, it’s been the centre of attention for years now because of the claim of many people that it’s a haunted place. Again, nothing’s so special about that, since it’s a cemetery and cemeteries are usually haunted. What makes the Goodna Cemetery “special,” however, is that it’s not simply haunted by ghosts; it’s haunted by unseen forces – invisible hands to be exact. You read that right. After dark, people who ventured near the place would feel invisible hands either scratching or punching them. Sometimes, the punches were so hard you could feel the anger and the rage behind them.

The Burning Airman of Canberra

World War II has left this side of the world a dozen of urban legends, and the burning airman is just one of them. In 1940, an aircraft crashed near Canberra, killing all ten of its passengers, including three very important persons belonging to the United Australia Party at that time. Most Australians are familiar with the fall of the said political party as a result of this tragedy, but what made the undesirable event more popular to the people living near the area of the crash are the creepy things they have been experiencing years following the tragedy. For instance, residents started reporting to having strange encounters in the woods. They would sometimes see unusual lights near the crash site, as well as sounds of an airplane crashing into the location. But perhaps the scariest story ever told related to the crash was that of a teenage girl who claimed to have seen the dead airman still shrouded in flames running towards her. That story would be followed by more from other residents, giving birth to the legend of the burning airman.

gilrThe Girl at The Macquarie Fields Station

The Macquarie Fields station is located on New South Wales main South Line. It’s a little station, but it holds a big secret. Passengers report that after the last train of the day departs the station, a faint crying could be heard coming from within the area. Sometimes, the crying would stop and would be replaced by a horrible scream. One of the creepiest stories by passengers is that of a teenage girl roaming the station with blood covering her body. Most of the reporters claim they would see the girl staring at something and shrieking in extreme fear. What’s even scarier is that the girl would sometimes stare at the passengers.

Australia’s Most Haunted – Schneider’s Alley

The story behind the haunted home of the Schneider family began in the early 20th century when Doctor Schneider’s wife and children died in an accident. It is said that the tragic loss drove the doctor mad. He then began taking his patients to a little log cabin in the hills near the Clifton Manor where he lived and performed surgical experiments on them. He mutilated body parts of his patients and left them disfigured. What’s worse was that he never used any form of anesthetic on them. Many decades later, people would report to seeing ghosts of the doctor’s disfigured patients roaming around the old Schneider mansion.

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