Throw a Skeleton Party for Earth Hour 2018 - Halloween & Friday 13th
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21 Mar Throw a Skeleton Party for Earth Hour 2018

9204_fullimage_earth_hour_logo-liggend_320x240Earth hour is one of the most revolutionary movements in the past ten years. Yes, it only lasts for an hour (8:30 pm-9:30 pm), but it has grown to captivate thousands of cities around the world. Some don’t participate saying that it’s a waste of time and that it has no significant impact on the planet after all. Why would you switch off the lights anyway and wait for an hour doing nothing when you have a choice just to go on with life?

But who says there’s nothing fun to do on earth hour? For the past years, people have come up with ideas on how to spend earth hour in an entertaining and yet still meaningful way. Some make art in the dark while others “burn” some calories with a candlelight workout session. Others go to an open spot near home to study the cosmos or merely look at the stars. That’s right. You can show your commitment to the planet and still be able to switch on the fun at home. One way you could do that is by throwing a skeleton party this 24th of March!

skeleton-spider-halloween-decoBone-Rattling Invites

Lure guests to your lair with some enchanting invitations made of heavyweight paper cut into skeleton figures. To make one, draw or print a human skeleton against a black background and cut around the figure. Cut the arms and legs and punch holes where the shoulder, thigh, and knee joints should go. Secure the limbs using brads, fold the figure in parts, and enclose it in a black #10 envelope. 

Blue skull3Glittered Bones and Skulls

The addition of glittered human skulls and bones (or even bugs!) will surely add to the eerie-ness of the hour. Take some plastic or ceramic skulls and bones and apply glue to each using a craft brush. Hold each item over a bowl and begin pouring a spoonful of glitter over the surface. Make sure no area is left un-glittered, including the sockets and the crevices. Do the same thing to your creepy crawlies. Let them dry for an hour and serve them on a tray with a large transparent cover.

platter-palm_leaf-platterMacabre Treats

Make your guests tremble by serving skeletal snacks and treats. A skeletal meat & cheese platter would be the perfect pica for the night. Simply lay a skeleton figure on an oval-shaped platter and fill the rib cage with slices of sausage or ham. Cut squares of cheese, too, and spread them on the empty spaces. Spreading some chips and crackers on the sides should complete the setup.

21-116v2Humerus Activity

The kids will surely enjoy some time assembling a human skeleton out of dried pasta and noodles. Set up a table in one corner where kids can have their skeletal activity. Provide them with an illustration of a human skeleton and instruct them to assemble their own with the materials provided. Give them a bowlful of alphabet-soup noodles, too, so they can label the different parts of the skeleton. Finally, light up a candelabra beside their setup so they’ll be able to see what they’re doing. Just make sure you supervise them to avoid burns or accidents.

PE870-wild-writerSkull-Marked Favours

It’s true that earth hour only lasts for an hour, but it would still be a great idea to have your guests take home with them some treats from the quick gathering. Fill paper bags, or any treat bag you’re using, with – you guessed it – treats! Don’t use just any bag, though. They have to be skull-marked, as proof that your guests have been to the best and most bone-chilling Earth Hour skeleton party ever!

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