Real Life Scary Events that Happened on Friday the 13th
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12 Apr Real Life Scary Events that Happened on Friday the 13th

I have yet to meet a person who’s not scared at the thought of Friday the 13th. Ever since I was a little child, I have heard of creepy stories associated with this rare occasion. Whether it’s just superstition or not, the idea of this day being unlucky shouldn’t be ignored. These five bizarre things that all took place on a Friday 13th should convince you of putting off anything you’re going to plan to do the next time the date occurs.

1972-andes-plane-crash-site-and-survivors1Andes Plane Crash

There is no question that the 1972 crash of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 is one of the creepiest Friday the 13th stories to date. The event took place on that dreadful day of October 1972. The crash killed 18 of the 45 passengers in an instant. A few days later, an avalanche killed eight more, while the 19 remaining passengers were forced to eat the dead bodies that were preserved in the snow. Although the tragedy left 16 survivors, it will come down as one of the most bizarre events in history.

The Death of Daz Baxter

You probably have never heard of Daz Baxter, but his story is one that’s both strange and creepy. Just like anybody else, this New Yorker wouldn’t take his chances on a Friday the 13th. On August 13, 1976, he chose to stay at home to make sure nothing bad happens to him. But who would have thought that his decision would cost him his dear life? That same day, his apartment collapsed, killing him in the process. It would be like a scene straight out of Final Destination if you asked me.

522767_origAustralia’s Black Friday Tragedy

It’s considered as one of the worst natural disasters in the world, but the fact that it took place on a Friday the 13th, one would think that it’s more than just coincidence. 20,000 kilometres of Victorian land was burned with bushfire on January 13, 1939, claiming the lives of 71 individuals.  Perhaps the only good thing that came out of this incident is that it led to major amendments in forest management not only in Australia but around the world.

13:13 At Friday The 13th

Nothing could be more bizarre than what happened to a boy in Lowestoft, England who was struck by lighting during an air show on August 13, 2010. The good news was that the boy survived. What’s creepy, though, is that when the paramedics checked the time they were treating the boy, the clock was at 13:13. Oh, and by the way, the boy was 13 years old. But then again, it might have been just coincidence. Or was it?

nathan-bedford-forrestThe Birth of Nathan Bedford Forrest

No one could really tell whether the birth of the Key Klux Klan leader on a Friday the 13th was just mere coincidence or not. What we all know is that on July 13, 1821, a Friday, a human being who would soon become a Civil War general and eventually rise to be the first Grand Wizard of the ruthless KKK, was born.

How about you? Do you have real-life freaky Friday the 13th story to tell? Let us know in the comments section below!

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