Create your own Friday 13th July Party - Halloween & Friday 13th
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10 Jul Create your own Friday 13th July Party

We only get a few Friday the 13th’s each year and we are lucky enough to have one coming along this month. The day has become something we associate with bad luck and general misfortune but in reality, the day has only really started to be celebrated since 1980 and the original “Friday the 13th” movie. In fact, the movie seems to have brought about endless ideas for drinking games that can help your party and guests to get in the mood.


To get into the spirit of things, the venue that you are holding your party at needs to have appropriate decorations. Themes such as horror movies or perhaps even Halloween are ideas that you could base your event around. Why not go out and buy some decorations around a certain theme? Remember, your entertainment and the fancy dress that guests are invited to wear will also be based around this theme. Don’t over complicate things but do give it plenty of thought.

Drinking Games

Not that you need an excuse for holding an alcohol-based party, but why not adapt drinking games that relate to certain halloweendecor-scarydecor-080117-1x1_2movies? Camp Blood is ideal for basing your first game around. There are lots of variances on this but basically, you need to watch the movie and decide on a number of scenarios such as every time someone dies or every time someone says “Jason” everyone has to drink. On a similar theme of watching a film, Film School Rejects is a game where you drink every time you see drugs, nudity or blood – this is quite frequent so don’t insist on the size of the drinks being too large!

Murder Mystery

Murder is something that is closely associated with Friday 13th so why not organise a murder mystery event. This can take place at your home, in your surrounding area (although make sure you warn the neighbours first!) or at a pre-organised event. This is a great idea for those people who are into their detective stories and enjoy a little bit of mystery and intrigue.

Other Games

Obviously, not everyone will be interested in these games, especially if they are younger. In these cases you could introduce Halloween type games such as ‘Apple Bobbing’. For younger children, you play other party games just make such that they have a horror theme, although obviously, this needs to be kept in moderation. Most games can be adapted as the most important thing is that the party is enjoyed by everyone, the options that are open to you are quite broad.


Friday the 13th is something that most people enjoy. A quality part shop will be able to assist you with ideas about how you can organise a party and how to target it for your guests. Remember, some people may be more superstitious than others so tailor your games appropriate. Anything to do with the supernatural should be left to the experts. So, enjoy your party and hope that the day passes without any glitches.

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